About Me

F1 Simulator Maniac is a blog with all you want to know about F1 simulators and more.

Since I love motorsports specially F1, I decided to creat this blog to inform you about simulators.

Since the lack of testing, most of the F1 teams spent millions getting simluators in their heaquarters were they can run 24/7 collecting lot of datas, testing new parts, breaking points, differents setups and learning new tracks.

I’m really a fanatic of this stuff so I bought a PC got a wheel ,pedals, and started to learn tracks, imrpoving lap times, trying different setups and studying on this matter.

So as you can see simulator are nowadays what the most precious help teams have when they are not on track.

So here you have all you info on best tracks, best softwares for you to run your home private rig and get the best feels like the pro do !


So Stay Tuned and…..KEEP PUSHING !!!

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